How to Complete MSRM WiFi Extender Setup

A well-known producer of WiFi routers and extenders is MSRM. By enhancing the wifi signal in your home or office, the MSRM WiFi extender makes it simpler to access the internet from various rooms and locations. It has a 172-metre range and offers 2.4 GHz rates of up to 300 Mbps. Additionally, it contains an Ethernet port that enables you to connect a wired device, like a smart TV or gaming console, to the WiFi network. Depending on your needs, you can use it in either repeater mode or AP mode. In this blog we will explain How to Complete MSRM WiFi Extender Setup.

Quick Summary

  • The article offers instructions for putting the MSRM WiFi extender together and configuring it.
  • With a range of 172 metres and a maximum speed of 300 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band, the extender improves wireless signal.
  • It can be used in AP mode to build a new wireless network from a wired source or in repeater mode to increase the range of an existing WiFi network.
  • A WiFi router with a WPS button, a WiFi-capable device, a nearby power outlet, and an MSRM WiFi extender are needed for the setup.
  • When manually connecting, users can use the extender’s setup page ( or “ap.setup”) and the default password “admin.”
  • The mode, SSID, password, security type, channel, and bandwidth can all be changed during configuration.
  • After installation, users can move the extender for best coverage and use the signal LED to monitor signal strength.
  • Dead zones are eliminated, WiFi speed is increased, more devices are supported, and costs are reduced thanks to extenders.
  • Download the most recent file, go into the extender’s web interface, go to the Firmware Upgrade area, and upload the file to upgrade the firmware.
  • A successful firmware upgrade can increase WiFi connection speed and dependability by improving performance, stability, and security.
How to Complete MSRM WiFi Extender Setup.

Step 1: Plug in the extender

The MSRM WiFi extender should first be plugged in and turned on close to the router. Hold off until the power LED turns green.

Step 2: Connect to the extender

Next, press the WPS button on the WiFi router before pressing the WPS button on the MSRM WiFi extender. Wait for about two minutes until the WPS LED on the extender turns solid green. This means that the extender has connected to the router successfully.

Alternatively, you can connect to the extender manually by using your smartphone, tablet or computer. To do this, go to your WiFi settings and look for a network name that starts with “MSRM” or “MSRM-EXT”. Select it and enter the default password “admin”. Then, open a web browser and type “” or “ap.setup” in the address bar. This will take you to the setup page of the extender.

Set Up Your MSRM WiFi Extender

Step 3: Configure the extender

You can now customise the MSRM WiFi extender’s settings to suit your needs. There are two modes available: repeater mode and AP mode.

An existing wireless network’s WiFi range can be increased by using the repeater mode. In this mode, the extender will establish a secure connection with your router by using the same network name (SSID) and password.

The AP mode is used to transform an existing wired network into a new wireless one. As an access point for your devices, the extender will operate in this mode using a distinct network name (SSID) and password from your router.

Go to the extender’s configuration page and click “Wireless Settings” to choose a mode. Select “Repeater” or “AP” from the drop-down menu after that. Other parameters like SSID, password, security type, channel, and bandwidth are also changeable.

Click “Apply” to save your changes after you’ve finished making them.

Benefits of using a MSRM WiFi Extender

Step 4: Relocate the extender

The MSRM WiFi extender should then be unplugged and moved to a position where you require a stronger WiFi signal. Ensure that it is close to your devices and within your router’s range. Wait for it to restart after you plug it in.

By observing the signal LED on the extender, you may determine the extender’s signal strength. When the signal is strong, it will display green, when it is weak, yellow, and when it is fair, red. You may check the speed and functionality of your WiFi network using your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Congratulations! You’ve finished configuring your MSRM WiFi extender. Enjoy your dependable and quick internet access!

To update the Firmware of your MSRM WiFi Extender

Benefits of using a MSRM WiFi Extender

  • Dead zones in your house or office where the WiFi signal is spotty or nonexistent can be eliminated. You can then take use of dependable, continuous internet service throughout your entire property.
  • In areas with weak or unstable signals, boosting WiFi speed can enhance the internet experience.
  •  Whether you are working, browsing, playing games, or watching videos online, this can improve your online experience.
  • Without having to buy a new router, you can upgrade to the most recent WiFi technology. The 802.11ac standard, which offers faster and more effective WiFi performance than the more antiquated 802.11n standard, is supported by the MSRM WiFi extender.
  • You may expand the number of devices connected to your WiFi network without sacrificing performance. An Ethernet port on the MSRM WiFi extender enables you to connect a wired device to the WiFi network, like a smart TV or gaming console. In order to prevent interference and congestion, it also supports dual-band WiFi, which allows it to operate on two distinct frequencies (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz).
  • Using an MSRM WiFi extender might help you save money and time. It features plug-and-play capabilities, a WPS button, and is simple to set up and use. Due to the fact that it does not require any additional network hardware or cables, it is also inexpensive and economical.

To update the Firmware of your MSRM WiFi Extender Setup

  • Extender model from a reputable vendor or the official website. On your PC or mobile device, save the file.
  • The next step is to use a web browser to sign in to the web interface of your MSRM WiFi extender. Connect your device to the extender’s network, then enter “” or “ap.setup” in the address bar to begin the setup process.Use “admin” as the default username and password for login..
  • Then, on the home setup interface, you must click the System icon. After that, locate the Firmware Upgrade icon under the System Tools menu. To access the firmware upgrade page, click it.
  • You must now select the Browse button and select the firmware file that you already downloaded. Upload it to the extender after choosing it. The firmware upgrade procedure can then be initiated by clicking the Upgrade button.
  • The firmware update won’t be finished for a few minutes. During this process, avoid turning off or unplugging the extender because doing so could harm it or make it malfunction. The extender will automatically reboot after the upgrade is complete.
  • You must verify the success of the firmware upgrade before moving on. To accomplish this, re-log in to the web interface and visit the System Status page to check the firmware version. It ought to correspond to the variation of the file you downloaded.

Congratulations! Your MSRM WiFi extender’s firmware has been successfully upgraded. This could enhance its security, stability, and performance. Enjoy your dependable and quick WiFi!


The MSRM WiFi extenders are simple to install and use. They can enhance WiFi signal strength and get rid of dead spots in your house or office. They enable 2.4 GHz speeds of up to 300 Mbps and work with any router or access point. A wired device can be connected to your WiFi network through their Ethernet connector, which is also present on them.

You can consult the user manual or get support from their customer service if you need advice on how to set up your MSRM WiFi extender.

We hope you found this information to be useful. If you like it, please spread the word to your loved ones who could be in need. I appreciate your reading.


How do I connect my MSRM Wi-Fi extender?

Use the WPS button on your router and extender to connect your MSRM Wi-Fi extender, or manually connect through the Wi-Fi settings on your device by selecting the network name beginning with “MSRM” or “MSRM-EXT” and using the default password “admin.”

 What is the default password for MSRM Wi-Fi extender?

The MSRM Wi-Fi extender’s default password is “admin.”

 How do I access my Wi-Fi extender settings? 

Connect your device to the Wi-Fi extender’s network before using a web browser and typing “” or “ap.setup” into the address bar to visit the setup page.

What IP address does my Wi-Fi extender have?

Your Wi-Fi extender’s IP address is “”






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